Saturday, May 30, 2015

Our Dream - An Arts Activities Center

Backside of the Mountain

I am one of the artists who live on the wrong side of the mountain. Taos, known for its arts, artists and art galleries is on the other side of that mountain. We are not allowed to enter their shows or be considered for their galleries or exhibits. We are the Cinderellas. But we have wonderful artists and a dedicated arts council (Moreno Valley Arts Council), the Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail and the Artists Guild of Northern New Mexico. We just have no home outside of our cluttered studios and exhibit space graciously provided by the Angel Fire Visitor's Center. We beg, and borrow workshop space for children and adults; residents and visitors. We hunt for space for exhibits, fairs, and competitions. MVAC does the same for its children's theatrical groups and musicians it brings in for the enrichment of the community.

Work by Jennifer Caven

We take our art on the road like Jennifer Caven, who does 18 art fairs around the country.

Bob Cat by Carol Rupp

Or we accept every offer we get to hang our work in local businesses or the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce. Or we open our studios to visitors we hope can find us even when Google Maps has it wrong.

Janet Sailor of Gallery and Gifts

Pottery by JoAnne DeKeuster of Enchanted Circle Pottery
Loretta LaMothe 

Lost Souls at Binford-Bell Studio

This is just a small sample, but we have the artists. Very talented artists on the backside of the mountain. And most of us out of necessity have developed a marketing that works for better or worse. What we lack is ample space to give workshops and hold events and have meetings. We are constantly asked by clients and visitors if we give lessons. Depending on the size of our studios most can handle one or two. Some are working out of suitcases and closets. And there are workshops we would also like to take. Artists from other places we would like to invite in to give a workshop which locals and visitors alike can participate in.

We are tired of running to the other side of the mountain. We are a viable and creative community and we need a home.

The MVAC is launching a campaign to secure funds establish a permanent location for them and the arts they support outside a post office box. An Arts Activity Center in Angel Fire to be a creative space for all the communities on our side of the mountain - Angel Fire, Black Lake, Eagle Nest, Cimarron - a central location for all seeking creative activities.