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 JoAnne DeKeuster was raised on a dairy farm in Wisconsin.  She received a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire and a masters degree in ceramics at Northern Arizona University.   Her work appears in the books “500 Plates” and “Wood Fired Ceramics-100 Contemporary Artists”.

JoAnne DeKeuster and her husband Keven have an open studio in Taos Canyon.
Slab Fish by JoAnne DeKeuster

Kevin DeKeuster was born in Racine, Wisconsin.  He attended Milton College in Milton Wisconsin on football scholarship, receiving his B.F.A. in ceramics.  At Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona he recieved a masters degree in ceramics.  Study at Northern Arizona University included travel and study in Japan.

Kevin is known for his huge wheel thrown pots. The picture to the left shows him preparing to load the kiln with one of his creations.

Jessica Duke, a retired computer specialist, began silversmithing in 2006 while taking metal working classes at UNM in Taos.  She says, “I really get a kick out of “moving” metal and use several techniques including fold-forming, repousse’ and a 20-ton hydraulic press.  I love texture and apply it to my metal using stamping tools, wire brushes, texture hammers, and a rolling mill used with hand-made papers.   Reticulated metal, cuttlefish castings and mokume gane remind me of weathered wood or tiny replicas of the mountains that surround the area where I live.”  You will see one or more these techniques or metals in all of her jewelry.  She is one of the featured artists at Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmith’s on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.  Jessica Duke

Necklace by Jessica Duke

Stuart Hamilton 

He graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Interior Architecture and a minor in Art. He spent most of his career designing interiors for corporate clients which involved in graphic and commercial design as well. Stuart returned to painting prior to moving to New Mexico in 2004. He now paints as often as possible and works mainly with Acrylic on canvas as his main medium. He likes to work with color and the palette knife in his impressionistic work. To view his work, contact Stuart at or 505-603-1920.

Steve Knight: 
 Although Steve Knight has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Motion Picture Production, he has spent much of his artistic life as a self taught jeweler.. Steve also paints and dabbles in collage, but his real passion is photography. The abundance of dramatic landscapes, historical architecture and wildlife in Northern New Mexico draws him in. By manipulating light and shadow he enhances what he shows the viewer. 

Couse Bell by Steve Knight

Loretta LaMothe is a 2-D visual artist working primarily in oil. Her fine art paintings are inspired by her surroundings, resulting in loose representational works, and by contrast, non-representational abstracts. Her painterly 
style is evident in both of these interpretations of her subject matter!

Many of her works have been accepted in numerous juried shows through the years, often winning awards

Her works are currently shown in Fort Worth, TX  and Angel Fire, NM

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