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Julianne Allen’s journey as an artist began while attending Arizona State University where she took a few photography and graphic arts classes. This led to several jobs as a graphic artist and included the managing a graphic arts studio in Santa Barbara, CA. As journey’s go, they take many turns but eventually Julianne found her way back to the Southwest. With a yearning to express her love for wildlife and nature, Julianne has turned to painting watercolors as a means to share her way of “seeing” and her passion for natural living. 

Bear in Snow by Julianne Allen

Jacqui Binford-Bell considers herself first a painter but has been an avid photographer for decades. In 2011 she entered her first photography exhibit and won. In 2012 she received a first in the Ralph Solano Show in Raton. Jacqui has an open studio in Black Lake where her award winning paintings and the photography are displayed.

Binford-Bell Studio
Creative Journey
Spirit Run by J. Binford-Bell

Old International by J. Binford-Bell

Jennifer Cavan is an Angel Fire artist who  depicts  the New Mexico  landscape.  A detour of more than a decade of corporate work delayed her pursuit of art.  But, in 1996, she quit her corporate job, moved from Chicago to New Mexico and hasn't looked back since. The simple, timeless charm of New Mexico is the inspiration for her  work.  Using vibrant, saturated colors and bold composition, her renderings--in either oil pastel or oil--capture the essence and feel of northern New Mexico.

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