Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And in the beginning

Exhibit at Angel Fire Visitors Center

Angel Fire, New Mexico and the surrounding communities of Eagle Nest, Black Lake and Cimarron, and the miles of highway connecting them and Taos, New Mexico are filled with art studios and little galleries and  artists working away in the beauty that is northern New Mexico. There are not enough galleries in the area to represent us and Taos literally will not let us play (you have to be a Taos county resident or represented by a Taos gallery to enter exhibits and shows).

Artistic Vistas and Treasures Art Trail was begun with the help of the State of New Mexico Arts Council and Moreno Valley Arts Council to link studios and galleries in the area, but it did not help the small struggling artist without an open studio. And so we decided to help ourselves.

Springing from a small meeting the summer of 2012 to see what we could do to highlight the number of artists beyond Taos, the Artists Guild of Northern New Mexico was loosely formed. We now have approximately 20 members and are still growing. Our exhibit at the Angel Fire Visitors Center displays the varied works of 17 artists including Jennifer Cavan, Katherine McDermott, Jacqui Binford-Bell, JoAnneDeKeuster, Jessica Duke, L. Martin Pavlitch to just name a few of the better known of our members.

We are having a meet and greet reception Sunday, September 23rd from 2 to 4 at the Angel Fire Visitors center. And these pages will be developed to display the works and information about our members. As well as feature new exhibits and events and workshops on this blog.

Work of Sherry Wolf

Work of L.Martin Pavlitch

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