Monday, September 24, 2012

We Are Official

Reception Brochure and glass by Cindy Sprott

I love it when a plan comes together and especially during those times when you were not even aware you had a plan. At least not to begin with. Our first ever meeting was very exploratory. We adjourned with a promise to explore the possibilities. And yesterday, September 23, 2012, it culminated in our first event.

For us it was celebratory as we realized that in a few short weeks we had put together a membership of 26 artists and growing. And an exhibit featuring 18. We have approximately 15 with a presence here on this site on the Members I, II, and II tabs. And I took photos of our newer members yesterday to help them in getting the requirements for me to post them. Amazing just how many artists stay behind the camera.

Carol Rupp on the left facing camera and Jimmy Linton in the background on the left
The guild was originally their idea.

Jeweler Jessica Duke, glass maker Cindy Sprott, and Shirley Ellingboe in deep discussion

On right Steve Knight, photographer, and Sherry Wolf, metal smith, talking to two of our visitors
They are standing in front of the work by Carol Rupp

Art collectors and people just considering the purchase of one or more pieces of art want to feel they are friends with the artist or artists. When art is finally hanging on the wall they want to relate to their friends the experience of buying it and what they learned from the artist about the work. That was how art fairs began in the 1970's.

Now art tourism is becoming more and more popular. Tourists want to go to places where they can meet artists and view a wide variety of art. More and more want to take workshops to learn more about the creative process and nurture the artist within themselves. Watch this site for future events including receptions and workshops. Below is a selection of photographs not previously shared about our current exhibit. It will be up through the end of September and then a new exhibit will take its place.

Photograph by Janet Sailor, top, and paintings by L. Martin Pavletich bottom

Photographs on canvas by Yvonne O'Brian

Black and white photograph by Deborah Binford-Bell and oil pastels by Jennifer Cavan

Oil paintings by Shirley Ellingboe and photographs by Yvonne O'Brian

Ceramic sculpture by JoAnne DeKeuster

Back wall with work by Steve Knight, Jessica Duke, Carol Rupp, JoAnne and Kevin DeKeuster,
and Deborah Binford Baker

Glass by Cindy Sprott

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