Sunday, October 7, 2012

The October Exhibit

Photography by J. Binford-Bell and Embossed Metal piece by Sherry Wolf

This is our second exhibit and we had it so quickly after the first because of the expansion in membership. This exhibit will hang until the middle of November. We will not always be changing out work this frequently nor will every exhibit include all the work of all members. In the future look for more focused exhibits with three or four artists and maybe even a theme. It has been suggested that the July exhibit be flowers in support of the Angel Fire Garden Club.

Photography by Janet Sailor, Aspens prints by Carol Rupp, photography by Yvonne O'Brian

Watercolors by Julianne Allen and photography by Steve Knight

Or perhaps we need to center an exhibit around a particular media like photography or watercolors or oil painting. We are gaining quite a few photographers but some media like metal smithing is unique as in the work by Sherry Wolf.

Oil Painting by Shirley Ellingboe with Sherry Wolf's unique compositions

Photography by Deborah Binford Baker, oil pastel by Jennifer Cavan and pottery by JoAnne DeKeuster

We also have the works of L.Martin Pavletich, Monique Mountain, Jessica Duke, and Cindy Sprott on exhibit at the Angel Fire Visitor's center. Check out the center and our member pages on this blog. Art is always better viewed in person.

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